• Alexandra Denvir

Massage, Healing and Self Love

“Two of the greatest lessons humans will learn in the 21st century will be: To harm another is to harm yourself and when you heal yourself, you heal the world.” I was recently gifted a book written by Yung Pueblo called Inward. This book is made up of short poems separated into five chapters (distance, union, interlude, self love and understanding). As I was reading the chapter on Self Love I began to think about Massage and how this type of body work provides the perfect opportunity for people to begin healing on this deep emotional level. Allow me to explain, In choosing to get a massage you are already practicing a form of self love be it for your body, mind or spirit. What an incredible start. Pair that with your therapist's intention, which is solely to concentrate on your personal goals for the next 60 – 120 minutes and you have a recipe for total transformation. The mind is such an integral part of our well being. Sometimes all the orthopedic testing, goniometers and palpatory examinations are unable to determine the causality of what you are feeling and that’s totally ok. Simple Solution. Just surrender.

If you have an idea of how you want to act, be or feel -visualize this- and allow everything else to fall into place. Trust that your therapist wants nothing more then to see you leave happy, healthy and whole. Now, don’t get me wrong, terminating a rogue trigger point and increasing functional mobility is amazing but it is just as good to see you leave your appointment grounded, nurtured and able to cultivate a bit more love for yourself because that is REALLY where all the REAL healing begins. “As your self-love grows strong, so do the waves of change that you can create” It is always a pleasure working with you I hope to see you soon! Alexandra

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