• Alexandra Denvir

World Massage Championships, 2019

For those of you who may not know, La Petite Maison will be closed until June 28, 2019. I am currently in Copenhagen, Denmark eagerly anticipating the start of the World Massage Championships. This two-day long event begins Saturday June 22 and ends Sunday June 23. Criteria consists of a point based scale evaluating everything from pressure to creativity, ergonomics to flow. Participants are required to complete one 60 minute massage per day (that's it!) and if you make it to the finals, another 65 minute round. This event boasts 200 therapists from 42 different counties. As one of six Canadians (Go Canada Go!), one of two Albertan's and the only therapist from Fort McMurray, I am super excited to rep our city! I will be competing in both the Freestyles Massage Category (hello cups!) and Classical Swedish Massage (effleurage, petrissage and… go!). It is worth noting that no other Canadian will be competing in this combination of categories ;) Special shout out to Achieve Wellness and Nunee for letting me take the time off, Jamie from Achieve for the travel gift card and Destiny for this awesomely professional looking mug shot. I hope to make all of my clients and friends proud, not only for massage but also for the amount of Danish beer I can hold down. Cheers :)

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