• Alexandra Denvir

World Massage Championship Wrap Up!

Spoiler alert: I didn’t win. Though with that said, I quantify this competition as an absolute success. A few highlights include NOT bursting into tears during day one and actually enjoying myself on day two. I never expected so many spectators, cameras, judges and calamity but I feel like I gave great treatments and a great performance. I think the attached photo says it all, half DJ, half massage therapist, not even touching my patient. Other highlights from the weekend include the personalized shout out I received from the IMA (International Massage Association) host during the live streaming on day two. And I quote…. A brief comment about the last massage we saw, this young therapist clearly did cupping and then another type of massage. The guy is about twice her size and I can tell you, this is where technique comes into play. She is holding her massage and able to handle this size of person, her being very small or petite, as we say. She is totally able to handle it. This is techniques, this is experience. So you can compensate by knowing what you are doing. I appreciated this acknowledgment because of the two hundred participants, not many were addressed individually. I also really enjoyed the fact that they used the word Petite with no knowledge of my working business name, La Petite Maison, so cool! Another notable from the weekend included unassumingly acting as the massage body for Alexander Shcheparev of Russia. Alexander ended up placing FIRST in the WORLD for Wellness Massage and SECOND in the WORLD overall. If I had known he was the man to beat I probably wouldn’t have given him a perfect score. But in all actuality, he is incredibly gifted, and I am hopeful that some of his talent was transferred to me during the hour we spent together. Now, I could go on but I think abruptly stopping here is good. There was so much that went on during that weekend and I still find myself processing the experience. Major take away points include more quality treatments, less quantity. Do not be afraid to utilize your entire body, feet, knees, elbows, toes. Be creative, keep learning, improving and have fun. The best treatments happen when both the client and therapist are having a good time. Again, thank you to everyone who supported me that weekend and those who continue to show up at my door! It never goes unappreciated, and I am immensely grateful I was able to represent Canada at such a prestige event. Next stop on the 2019 Summer Massage tour is Valemount, BC. July 10-13 at my Beloved Gathering Tree! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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