Shockwave Therapy


Professional Massage Therapy in Edmonton, Alberta

Extracorporeal shockwave Therapy


Radial shockwave therapy also known as Extracorporeal shockwave is a safe and non-invasive technology that uses a wand-like device to emit fast bursts of shockwaves that penetrate the soft tissues of injured areas.

Shockwave effectively breaks up scar tissues on tendons and ligaments, increases rate of healing and drastically reduces pain in one session.

Many conditions can benefit from the use of Radial Shockwave including

Radial shockwave can also be used in acute situations like sprains and strains and for common ailments such as trigger points and superficial knots. As one of few providers serving Edmonton with a Storz Mp100 shockwave unit, La Petite Maison is pleased to offer this effective treatment as a stand-alone modality or complement to your existing massage treatment.
Shockwave Therapy Edmonton